Power Plants

To help Oil & Gas companies to keep one-step ahead, Maxus Power Group relies on an International network of highly skilled professionals, centers of excellence and innovative strategies. Our valued principles from different places benefit from our innovative use of business accelerators, technologies and innovative methods in the following areas:

Flare Services

Maxus Power Group provide the oil, gas, and petro-chemical industries with practical and reliable flare ignition system. What sets us apart from other flare companies operating in Pakistanis our professional commitment to quality design in equipment and our unmatched service.

Our flare systems solutions structured around proven and dependable ignition products. We are constantly striving for new technology and procedures to improve our flare services, and to bring a higher degree of safety to our company and our valued clients.

Mobile Power Generation

We have successfully integrated mobile power generation plants in our power barge solutions. These mobile plants can easily be relocated and therefore provide an ideal solution for power production on interim basis. These power plants can be connected to the grid to alleviate power shortages. Our mobile plants can provide a rapid answer to intensive power demand in different sectors.

IPP Facilitation Consultants on LNG

We have extensive experience in import of LNG, short- and long-term LNG sales Contracts, terminal use agreements, ship charters, and rate and certificate proceedings. We also have good experience in the development of LNG facilities.

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